Valvoline Cooling System Cleaner – 250ML

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Valvoline Cooling System Cleaner  is a cleaning concentrate for quick and simple cleaning of radiator and heating systems. Effectively removes and binds oil and grease residues. Permeates and removes mud and corrosion residues. 


  • Suitable for all cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines.
  • For a highly effective engine cooling performance after a coolant change.
  • Application :
    • to improve radiator performance
    • to remove deposits from the cooling system
    • to clean the cooling system of engine oil contamination (e.g. after gasket failure or engine repair)


  • Effective cleaning : Removes and binds all oil and fat containing residues. Also, permeates and removes sludge and corrosion residues from the cooling system.
  • Universal application : Suitable for all cooling systems of both petrol and diesel engines.
  • Contamination prevention : Prevents early contamination of the new coolant by left over residues or sludge in the cooling system.


  • Remove the dirty coolant before cleaning and refill with fresh water. Apply the Valvoline Cooling System Cleaner (250 ml) to the radiator and leave the engine running at operating temperature for around 30 minutes.
  • Drain the dirty mixture from the system (in case of a highly polluted cooling system repeat procedure). Wash out the cooling system with clean water.
  • Refill the cooling system after cleaning, checking the sealing and ventilation.
  • Suitable for up to 10 liters of coolant.
  • Note: in case of oil contamination it is recommended to replace rubber parts preventively.

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