Valvoline Engine Oil System Cleaner – 300ML

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Valvoline Engine Oil System Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning concentrate with low viscosity surfactants for petrol and diesel engines.


  • Suitable for all petrol and diesel engines with all commonly used motor oils.
  • Apply when :
    • A solution is needed to solve problems caused by neglected oil change
    • Black sludge is suspected
    • Hydraulic valve lifters are not functioning properly
    • Issues with piston ring compression are diagnosed


  • Effective cleaning : Removes and disperses all soluble dirt and sludge deposits inside engines.
  • Universal application : Valvoline Engine Oil System Cleaner is suitable for petrol and diesel engines and all commonly used motor oils.
  • Contamination prevention : Prevents early contamination of the new engine oil by left over residue or sludge in the engine.
  • Easy to use : Application through simply adding it to the engine oil. No specialist tools or equipment required.


  • Add Engine Oil System Cleaner (1 metal bottle = 300 ml) to the engine oil at operating temperature.
  • Minimum oil level must not be underrun.
  • Let engine idle for at least 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards change oil and filter.

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